Monday, December 14, 2015

2015 Review, Part 2--April-June

For the four Mondays in December, I will be recounting Denton Sanatorium's highlights of the year. (For my first installment, click here.)  Today's post--April through June.

Rereading my entries for these three months took a long time. So many memories. So many big things during these three months--some a little raw, some almost perfect in retrospect.


My college roommate Robin began breast cancer treatment. Rereading that post brought tears to my eyes as I remembered the fear and dread we felt that day. I ran into her a week ago at our kids' concert, and she just completed her final round of treatment. Crazy to think what passed through her year. You can read her latest update here.

Eve wore her Elsa dress to the Cinderella premiere--I'll never forget that day.

Another event I can't believe happened only a few months ago--the cabin was finished, and we spent our first weekend there. Being there is more magical than I ever imagined.

Snapped a quick pic of my parents and my kids.

And redid the little boys' room--one of my all-time favorite projects. It doesn't quite look this clean any more, but I have hopes after the holidays are over.

Brad's birthday surprise--a personalized art piece to hang at the cabin.

My biggest achievement of the year--finishing my master's degree.


I gained insight as I scrubbed my friend's bathroom.

My perfectly imperfect Mother's Day. As I looked at the pictures of Ben in Peru, my heart swelled thinking that we will talk with him again in just 12 short days. 12 DAYS!

I began Whole30. And it was agony at first. Especially when I looked back on our Giordano's pizza while in Chicago.

I graduated from ASU. Did that really happen this year? Seems so long ago.

I kept working on my heart, but I struggled to keep it uppermost in my thoughts.


We said goodbye to one of our favorite Mesa landmarks--The Landmark.

I attended two family reunions in one weekend--Olsens and Tuckers.

Little did I know then that it would be the last time I hugged my favorite aunt.

All four kids participated in Musical Theatre--big kids and little kids. 

I finished Whole30. Sometime soon I need to write a followup to how I've been faring since. I've been avoiding it, if that gives you any clue.

And my beautiful and talented daughter-in-law gave her voice recital.

I shared a real day around here, and Micah had an epic food fight for this birthday celebration.

Rereading these entries always reminds me of the best reason for keeping my blog--so I will always remember, and so that my family will always remember how amazing our life together is.

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