Wednesday, December 30, 2015

2015 Review, Part 3--July-September


The cabin was finally finished, and I chronicled it in pictures.

Living room
Guest rooms
Bathrooms, laundry, and Harry Potter closet
Loft and office
Master and bunk room

Looking back on how much we've already enjoyed it, I can't wait for years and years of memories made here. Definitely one of the best things of 2015.

And the three little kids and I had a big summer adventure, covering eight states in three weeks.

We roughed it in Idaho . . .

. . . hiked and visited Yellowstone in Wyoming . . .
. . . where my perspective on the whole trip changed to focus on the kids' experience, not my expectations . . .
. . . checked Mount Rushmore off Micah's bucket list (and mine)

. . .  roller coasters and trains (and lost shoes) and ladders in Colorado. . .
. . . It was bliss.

I learned a lot about myself on that trip--on gratitude, on journal keeping, on dimes and discipline, and on stepping away from the lens. Rereading that last post brought back that sickening feeling of leaving Micah at the park. I never want to relive that one.

While we were on our adventure, Brad and Lily spent a month in India and Pakistan--read about it here.

And we fought a swarm of yellow jackets, barely escaping with our lives.

Whew. July. The busiest month of 2015--month filled with the best memories and so much time spent with my favorite people. Rereading these posts made me smile over and over again. One of my favorite posts of 2015--the letter I wrote to my children at the conclusion of our trip. They are my world.


School started and regular life resumed.
And I had no #backtoschoolfeast.

I marked turning 46 with two posts--one retrospective and one looking to the future.

This post on the Duggars was my most viewed post of the year, proving once again that I can never predict what will resonate with people.

We chased a massive summer storm and loved every second.


I reinstituted Denton Days around here (to my kids' happiness), and Micah and Lily got to see the Emerald City onstage.

One of the worst days of the year--the day I discovered my locket was gone.

The tooth fairy received two scathing notes from my boys.

And I said goodbye to an old friend.

Most popular post of the year, one of my favorite posts of the year, and one of the worst days of the year, all surrounding the best adventures of 2015. Summer was definitely the most eventful here at the Sanatorium.

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